The typical album of "Vulcan" is released

The DKC company presents a completely new album of standard solutions. It is devoted to the fire retardant solutions, namely, fire-resistant penetrations. The publication contains assembly drawings and typical solutions for cable penetrations made in enclosing structures with normalized fire resistance limits and for fire barriers based on fire-resistant products of the Vulcan series.

The typical album will be useful to both designers and installers, because it contains brief instructions for assembling and installing of fire-resistant penetrations and a schematic visualization of each solution. The drawings presented in the album are designed to make easier the selection of suitable fire-resistant penetrations from the DKC range under the existing conditions (wall thickness, fire resistance limits, penetration size, cable system type) and the calculation of the required number of elements.

You can download the typical album and the attached drawings on the DKC website in the Support section (subsection Standard Decisions).