Electricians Have Visited DKC Production

The other day a trip to the production in Tver which is not typical for DKC took place. It’s not typical because the invited guests were end-users directly working with the production of DKC.

Such a composition of participants essentially determined the format of the excursion: a walk in the production workshops of the company was filled with lively, informal communication and, of course, with demonstration tests of the most demanded DKC products. Electricians have visited a certified laboratory where the manufacturer tests its plastic products, have seen a new testing stand at work, have watched many technological processes in real time.

The event was ended with a discussion of current topics in the field of electrical engineering and wiring, as well as the two-way exchange of valuable information regarding the specifics of the use of DKC systems.

DKC company expresses its gratitude to all those who are indifferent to DKC brand for a masterful realization of our solutions. We hope that such an event will grow into a pleasant tradition for friendly meetings of a manufacturer and an end customer!