February Session of RAEC 2019

February session RAEC took place in Moscow on February 20-21

The official part, which traditionally gathers top officials of RAEC participants and partners, was held on the first day. Superheroes and superpowers became the main theme of the event: RAEC people, their goals and work more than anything else are in keeping with heroes endowed with incredible capabilities.

The program began with super-informative presentations by guest speakers. Konstantin Borisov, the founder and the head of the headhunter company Support Partners, reported on the topic “The team could do better” and how to achieve bigger goals together.


Garrett Johnston, a well-known marketer, professor of Synergy Business School and CEO of Microscope Consulting, has revealed the world's best practices in sales and customer service on the electrical market.

The program was continued by a film in which the leaders of the companies which had become the members of RAEC in 2018 told about how they spent this year and what they got from membership in the Association.

The key moment of the February RAEC session was the “DISTRIBUTOR & MANUFACTURER" discussion. How to strengthen the strategic partnership? ". The DKC General Director Dmitry Kolpashnikov was among the heads of the supplying companies and participants of the Association who spoke there/ .

DKC company - "Digital RAEC leader"

At the end of the official part of the event the session organizers have marked the best suppliers in the framework of “RAEC Awards 2019”. DKC team has won in the nomination "Digital RAEC leader "..

The evening continued with informal communication in a friendly atmosphere.