DKC new Testing stand

The DKC company strictly monitors the quality of cable management systems and their conformity with GOST R 52868-2007 (IEC 61537:2006). These standards regulate amongst other things the suspending ability of cable trays. Previously, the DKC company ran the trays tests manually and it was a long process (although the accuracy of obtained values did not suffer from it).

But now at the disposal of AO DKC Laboratory of Metrology and Quality Control the new testing stand has appeared. Its use permits to check the load values of cable management systems quickly and accurately. All types of DKC tray tests are carried out on the stand – sheet, ladder, wire, technical and fiberglass ones.

For the Russian market it is a unique technological solution – currently no one domestic manufacturer has a similar stand, which allows to test cable trays up to 1000 mm wide and 6 meters long, applying a load of up to 3244 kg per linear meter.

Detailed information on the load capacity of cable trays can be found in the Cable Management Systems catalog. The DKC company produces high-quality products that actually correspond to the declared characteristics – all the figures are confirmed by tests.