DKC Corporate Modular DPC

GreenMDC modular data center equipped with the most modern components of the engineering infrastructure of DKC production was produced, installed and put into operation in 2018. The domestic complex solution is installed on the production site of DKC and performs the functions of a computer center and a showroom for DKC equipment demonstration.

The integrated solution was developed by GreenMDC on the basis of TelecomOutdoor NGm scalable MDPC model. The engineering systems were designed on the basis of DKC equipment and materials.

In the initial configuration MDPC consists of two modules – a starting module and an expansion one. They are designed to install up to six 42U racks with a size of 600 mm. However, MDPC can be increased for up to 18 racks by installing additional expansion modules. ScalableMDC TelecomOutdoor NGm is designed according to the hot scaling technology which does not require the turning off of the working equipment.

Server racks, LCS and UPS made by DKC are installed in MDPC. The uninterruptible power supply system is implemented on the basis of two single-block UPSs, which in case of an emergency will support the operation of the data center when fully loaded for 7 minutes. Each module contains local air conditioning systems, fire automatics, gas fire extinguishing, monitoring, and local electrical distribution network. Engineering systems are reserved according to N + 1 scheme.

The external design of MDPC is made in the corporate style of DKC using the company’s symbols. Due to this MDPC harmoniously fits into the complex of industrial buildings of DKC.

The head of the system administration department at DKC Rodionov Denis has said: “Thanks to this project DKC has developed a corporate modular data center equipped with the most advanced systems: distribution and uninterruptible power supply systems, cooling, HFSU / SCP, dispatching, etc. The construction of MDPC is designed in such a way as to simplify the operation as much as possible. We are pleased to cooperate with GreenMDC and hope that the experience of using DKC products in MDPC construction will be useful for both parties. "

"This is an important event for us: the cooperation of the two Russian manufacturers GreenMDC and DKC has become a vivid example of an import substitution in the data center industry. I hope that in the near future there will be more modular data centers created on the domestic component base,” Fyodor Klimenko, General director of GreenMDC has said about the new installation.