Accessories for Plastic Tubes have Passed Additional Tests

It is recommended to use halogen-free solutions for laying electrical wiring in buildings intended for large number of people (for example, shopping centers) - they do not emit toxic substances hazardous to human health in case of accidental fire. Halogen-free tubes should be equipped with appropriate accessories. That is why the DKC company decided to conduct an additional research of materials from which the company's products are made for the presence of halogens in accordance with GOST IEC 60754-1-2015.

According to the test results, it was found that the content of halogen acids does not exceed 5 mg per 1 g of material. Consequently, the products comply with the above mentioned GOST and can be recommended for use in design and installation of halogen-free cable systems at commercial and residential real estate with a large number of people.

You can request a complete list of products that have passed the examination from your regional representative or product manager.