New Version of the DKC-2018.COMBITECH Album

In the new version of the album on the design of cable lines with the use of metal trays, suspension system and fasteners, the following sections were updated:

• "S5 Combitech" - complete accessories were added ; fixing the fireproof partition to the SEP partition to ensure fire resistance during ¼ hour; connection of the sheet tray with the accessory without tray undercutting, which allows not to cut the whole tray when there is a shortage of a small section and save installation time because there is no need to cut a long tray; 

• "F5 Combitech" - a G-shaped wire tray has been added, allowing to lay the cable in hard-to-reach places (for example, in case of close ceiling space) and fix the line on the wall or on the ceiling without consoles;

• "G5 Combitech" - solution mounted on the console and mounted on the bracket to a concrete wall;

• "M5 Combitech" - a section is added  with solutions on tackle;

•  "B5 Combitech" installation section is updated.