First Installation of EOS Solar Converters from DKC


We are confident that renewable energy sources are the future, and we have already taken the first step towards it. At the DKC Academy, we presented the latest development of our engineers - the EOS hybrid solar converter. This is not just a sample, but part of an operating solar station, with the help of it, the building is illuminated.  However, you can see for yourself:!

On the roof of the Academy, solar panels are installed for which we have designed a special fastening system based on our B5 Combitech line.  This system provides fastenings for all types of roofs - including membrane roofs, as in this case.

The energy received from the sun goes to the converter.  All surpluses are stored in the accumulator batteries. We use the most modern lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, designed for up to 10 years of trouble-free operation (this is about 6 thousand cycles). These batteries are completely safe - as you can see, the EOS converter is installed indoors.  It can also be installed at home.

The EOS system includes 1 and 3-phase solar converters, and if the former are designed for individual houses, then the 3-phase can be used to fully supply municipal and commercial facilities. You can familiarize yourself with the assortment in more detail in the product section, and also in the brochure solutions