Fans with increased power and the possibility of increasing IP up to 56 appeared


New items for cooling cabinets using ventilation have appeared in the DKC assortment. New products have already been presented in the section "Ventilation equipment" on the DKC website:

The assortment has been expanded with:
1. RV series fan with an air flow rate of 230/260 m3/h in size 15 (252x252 mm). Prior to that, the DKC assortment included fans of this size with a lower air flow rate - 160 m3/h.

2. New models of protective panels for fans and ventilation grilles made of sheet steelthey provide better dust and moisture protection: up to IP56, whereas before the maximum level of dust and moisture protection reached IP55. In addition, they provide additional vandal resistance and protection of fans and grilles from mechanical stress. The novelty is presented in two colors at once.

New products expand the range of possible solutions and make the process of selecting the optimal fan model and accessories for it more flexible!

Fans of the RV series and ventilation grilles of the RF series are the main DKC solution for providing ventilation inside an electrical cabinet. Fans are manufactured in Russia in accordance with the most stringent requirements for functionality, safety and reliability.

On the DKC website you can also find out about all the products included in the microclimate control system - air conditioners, heaters and accessories for them:

If you have any questions about placing an order for products, please contact DKC distributors. The list of distributors is in the "Where to buy ”section on our website. If you need advice and clarifications on the assortment, please contact the regional offices of the company or you can use our configurator "RAM Klima". Contacts of regional offices can be found on the official website of the company in the "Contacts" section.