Sandro Bergamo We have relied on this country


On September 2-4, the Eastern Economic Forum is being held in Vladivostok, which is organized to expand international cooperation and promote the economy of the Far East. You can find out more about the forum on the official website. DKC Group, represented by Sandro Bergamo, Chairman of the Board of Directors, took part in the Russia-Italy Business Dialogue block of the forum.

Sandro Bergamo expressed the hope that Russia and Italy have something to share with each other, despite the kilometres separating Italy and the Russian Far East, and spoke about the experience of the DKC: "Our strategy is the creation of a production centre and the subsequent decentralization of production. The experience of opening production enterprises in Tver and Novosibirsk allowed us to build, equip and prepare for opening our own production enterprise in the Far East. We did it from scratch in two years, despite the coronavirus restrictions. Expansion of the geography of production allows us to provide high-quality products to all regions of Russia, while reducing logistics costs."

Sandro Bergamo believes that the Far East is a promising region for investment inflows, including for European business. This situation is determined by a number of factors:

1.      The region has been declared a priority development area;

2.      There are special economic regimes here;

3.      The proximity of the Asia-Pacific region opens up great opportunities for cooperation with other countries;

4.      Vladivostok is a free port with the right of duty-free import and export.

All this, together with the active development of the region's infrastructure, makes it especially attractive for business. And, although in Europe these prospects are not yet obvious to everyone, the Italian-Russian association DKC Group understands the importance of being present in the Far East. "We have relied on this country, says Sandro Bergamo, and we intend to continue building our business here. Our main goal is to create an innovative production system. And it seems to us that in 23 years of work we have achieved, if not all of our plans, then almost everything".