Cancellation of the National Standard of the Russian Federation


The five-year transition period of the evolutionary transition from the outdated GOST R 51321.1 standard to the modern GOST IEC 61439.1 series of standards has come to an end (the series also includes part 2 and part 6 (busbar). At the last meeting of TC 331 "Low-voltage switching equipment and complete distribution, protection, control and signaling devices" chaired by DKC by a majority of votes it was decided to recommend FA "Rosstandart" to cancel the GOST standard R 51321.1 as morally and technically obsolete, also take into account the fact that in 2016 the updated standard GOST IEC 61439.1-2013 was put into execution in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Rosstandart supported the position of TC331 and issued the corresponding order No. 816-st of August 25, 2021. The previous standard will be valid until March 1, 2022.

The Chairman of the Technical Committee 331 Ruslan Raisovich Akhmedshin talks about the new standard: "There are several important differences in the new standard:

1. The series of standards GOST IEC 61439 considers the low-voltage power supply system (power distribution) as a whole. The series includes standards for LVS and busbar (61439.6).

2. The new LVS standard lacks the concept of "Partially tested", which limits unscrupulous manufacturers and / or assemblers of LVS in terms of confirming inappropriate product parameters - rated current or short-circuit current. For example, the GOST R 51321.1 standard made it possible to test low-voltage switchgear for currents of 1600 Amperes, and obtain a certificate for currents of 3200 and / or higher. This is technically incorrect and may even be regarded as product falsification!

3. Division or distribution of responsibility for the design, production and operation of low voltage switchgear. Now the responsibility falls on 2 or 3 parties (depending on the model): the designer of the LVS, the assembler of the LVS and the user of the LVS. Each of them has its own area of responsibility.

4. The functional block is a comprehensive solution, tested and certified, for the installation and switching of equipment in an LVS.

And these are just the highlights! A series of standards GOST IEC 61439. * conceptually changes the approach to the design, production and operation of low-voltage switchgear. The main goal, like any other standard replacing the old one, is to significantly improve and increase safety for humans! "

Is the market ready for the new standard?

“Yes and no,” Ruslan Raisovich answers. “The transition period was long - 5 years. But during this time, only a few of several thousand companies tested products according to new requirements or received new certificates. Meanwhile, in 2020, there were about 2,400 manufacturing companies of low-voltage switchgear.

Are there now manufacturers - developers of solutions for low-voltage switchgear, ready to work according to new standards? Yes! For example, DKC is a Russian manufacturer of components and solutions for the design and production of low-voltage switchgear. Already, the company's assortment includes a whole range of solutions for building low-voltage distribution systems for currents up to 6300 Amperes with a 4b sectioning degree and the possibility of organizing hot swapping (withdrawable solutions). These are solutions "RAM power", "RAM mcc", "RAM bus" and a specialized CAD system for designing RAM cube. The solutions are fully tested for compliance with the main parameters and are already available for ordering from the company's distributors and official partners of POWER LEAGUE. "

The new standard was created by a real expert community - Technical Committee 331 which consists of the best specialists in the electrical market, working together in the direction of standardization: representatives of ABB, Schneider Electric, KEAZ, DKС and others. GOST IEC 61439.1 standard was developed by those who are well versed in GCC, are guided in the market situation and know exactly how to set a high standard of quality, which one way or another will have to be met.


DKC is an international company established in Russia, a manufacturer of solutions for power supply, automation, telecommunications for industrial, social, residential and infrastructure facilities. DKS is one of the largest suppliers in such categories as: metal and plastic ducts and pipes, busbars, uninterruptible power supplies, cabinets for distribution systems, automation and IT, lightning protection, fire-resistant solutions and explosion-proof equipment. Since 2018, DKS company has also been the chairing organization of Technical Committee 331 for standardization "Low-voltage switching equipment and complete distribution, protection, control and signaling devices".