Doors for RAM block cabinets are also made of plexiglass now


The new product offers a cost-effective alternative to full-size glazed doors when local protection of equipment is required while maintaining its visibility. A plexiglass door is used if the task is to hide one part of the equipment, and leave the other part in visual access. The plexiglass door allows you to reduce equipment costs, preserve the aesthetics of installation and the degree of dust and moisture protection.

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Features of plexiglass doors:

·        provide protection of equipment from dirt and dust (degree of protection IP54);

·        opening angle - 145º;

·        rotary lock handle and key lock;

·        useful depth - 50 mm;

·        door dimensions: 548 x 213 x 55 mm, 548 x 346 x 55 mm, 548 x 479 x 55 mm.

Doors are made of organic glass, fittings - metal, plastic, seal - neoprene.

Delivery set includes: transparent door, hinges, lock with handle, 2 universal keys, mounting accessories, mounting instructions.

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