The Catalogue of YON Automatic Switches is already on the Website!


Do you want to sort out the range of YON automatic switches from DKC? Download the catalogue and find out about all the latest products! The purpose, sizes, technical characteristics, temperature, etc. are already in the catalogue, which is available on the DKC website.

New line of YON automatic switches and accessories organically complements the DKC power distribution system - both for industrial and commercial facilities and for the retail market.

Automatic switches ensure the safety of the electrical system during power surges: will prevent a person from being hit by a discharge, protect the equipment and key energy units from burning.

The YON line includes modular equipment, automatic switches in a cast-off case, air automatic switches, and automatic reserve block units.

We remind you that you can already make a pre-order for the new line equipment through DKC distributors. YON sales will start on August 1.