Solutions for Thermal Expansion of Cable Management Systems


The most popular product lines of cable management systems have broadened their ranges with expansion splice plates and copper bonding jumpers. The expansion splice plates are available within the range of "S5 Combitech" metal sheet trays, "L5 Combitech" metal ladder trays, "I5 Combitech" stainless steel trays, "U5 Combitech" heavy metal trays, and copper bonding jumpers within "S5 Combitech" group. The new products allow cable routes to stay solid in different temperature conditions, from – 60 to + 60о С, protect them from any kind of deformation and prevent wire connection problems.

Before DKC offered only such a solution for thermal expansion as telescopic splice plates. However, they were only compatible with "S5 Combitech" metal sheet trays. New expansion splice plates help to maintain all the claimed features of a cable route and may be used with all major DKC cable management systems.

How does it work?

Expansion splice plates have slotted holes that guarantee a gap. They allow for movement in a cable tray due to temperature changes. Gaps are calculated beforehand in a certain way (it depends on the length of a cable route, difference between the minimum and maximum temperatures and a tray’s material) and set accordingly while mounting expansion splice plates. To allow a tray to move, expansion splice plates are provided with a DIN 603 bolt and a DIN 982 nut, which must not be tightened half a turn to a plate. That is the way how thermal compensation for expansion works.

Please, note that in order to ensure electrical connection in expansion joints, you will require copper bonding jumpers, which make "S5 Combitech" product line. To keep a tray in the place, hold down clamps are required.

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