Opening of the DKC Industrial-Warehouse Complex in the Far East


DKC company announced the opening of a warehouse complex in the Far East. The launch of the warehouse complex will provide the entire region with products, accelerate the delivery of products to strategically important facilities, provide a high level of service for DKC customers and bring the entire electrical industry of the region to a new level.

Valery Yashin, Regional Director of the DKC for the Far East region, says: "The Far East is a region with a high resource potential, a center of international cooperation, which is gradually moving to a model of advanced development. So far, the degree of integration of the economy remains low, but there is reason to believe that the picture will change in the coming years. The DKC company became the first in the industry to bet on the development of the region, and is ready to become an active participant in this development.

The opening of the warehouse complex is an important step in this direction. This step required us to overcome many difficulties. Including infrastructure-for example, we needed to completely build the infrastructure of the site on which the complex is located: build roads, conduct electricity, etc. However, we understand how important our project is at this stage."

In the autumn of 2021, a production complex will also start working in the Far East, where the following products will be produced:

  • Rigid PVC pipes Ø 16-50 mm
  • Corrugated pipes made of PVC, HDPE, PPRC Ø 16-32 mm
  • Flexible double-wall pipes Ø 50-200 mm
  • Rigid double-walled pipes Ø 110-200 mm
  • Perforated and non-perforated sheet trays in the "Steel, galvanized according to the Sendzimir method" and "Zinc flake coating" versions, as well as tray covers in the corresponding versions.

Now all types of orders, including express orders, will be available for DKC distributors in this territory.

If you have any questions about placing an order for products, please contact the DKC distributors or the nearest regional representative office. You can contact the representatives of the DKC in the Far East by e-mail