The presentation of circuit breakers of DKC took place


On June 16, a long-awaited event took place – we officially presented a new line of YON circuit breakers to our customers (you can learn more about the new product on the promo page . Ruslan Akhmedshin, Director of DKC Product Marketing, spoke in detail about the new products. In his presentation, he told about the range of the new line.  Click here to view the presentation.

The name of the line is not accidental. The logo and the name YON visually and meaningfully consists of two parts - the letters Y and On.

Y - The letter Y was chosen for its similarity to the symbol of the circuit breaker in electrical circuits.

ON – despite the fact that the main function of this line is to break the chain in emergency situations, users will still see the product turned ON more often. ON is a generally recognized sign of switching on. At the same time, the letter O is stylized as a slightly rotated sign of the on / off button.

The YON line includes the following products:

  • Modular equipment

1) Automatic circuit breakers (breaking capacity from 6 kA, rated current from 1 to 63 A (solutions for industrial applications - for current up to 125 A).

2) Residual current device

  • Molded case circuit breakers (rated current up to 1600 A) with the possibility of remote control
  • Air circuit breakers (rated current up to 6300 A) with remote control
  • Automatic transfer units with and without sectional automatic circuit breaker

Also, the line will include relays, modular and magnetic contactors, switches that are triggered not by overload current, but only by a short circuit.

More information about the products of the YON line can be obtained from the technical catalog, which will soon appear on the DKC website. New circuit breakers have already been added to the latest version of the software for the automatic design of RAM cube low-voltage distribution equipment. In order to create projects using YON products, download the latest version of the program in the "DKC Software" section of the site.

All switches are fully manufactured in Russia. This means that the DKC can guarantee the sustained quality of its products – this is possible thanks to the quality management system, independent testing and certification of products, as well as R&D – development of electrical products together with other companies. The products will be stored in the DKC company own warehouses and shipped by the company's employees. This will ensure a high level of service and fast delivery of products.

Automatic circuit breakers naturally complement the product range for power distribution systems, allowing DKC customers to assemble a variety of integrated solutions based on the products of one manufacturer. Moreover, these solutions are based on the GOST IEC 61439 standard, introduced to increase the level of equipment safety, that clearly regulates the responsibility of the manufacturer, assembler and user of the low voltage complete device. This standard was developed by the Technical Committee 331 of the FA Rosstandart with the direct participation of the DKC company.

Sales of the equipment that is part of the new line will start on August 1, and from July 1 it will be possible to make a pre-order through DKC distributors. Miniature circuit breakers (except RCD), all molded case circuit breakers, air circuit breakers for currents up to 4000 A, automatic transfer units will be available for order. By the end of 2022, it is planned to start selling the full range of the line.