STEP models of solutions for "RAM power" and "RAM mcc" electric motor distribution and control systems have been developed"


We have supplemented the database of 3D models in STEP format with ready-made functional blocks for mounting most of the series of "RAM power" circuit breakers and "RAM mcc" drawout functional blocks, structural elements and contact groups.

You can download the databases of 3D models of "RAM power" and "RAM mcc" products by the links: "RAM power""RAM mcc"

Now the DKC database of models and drawings contains a complete list of models for the design of the low voltage complete devices. STEP models can be used in various computer-aided design systems. You can find a full list of STEP models for the design of low voltage complete devices on our website in the "Support" – "Drawings and BIM models" section.

We are ready to develop other models and drawings of DKC products for your convenience. Please, send us a request by filling out a special form at the link:

If you have any questions or suggestions for improving DKC software, plugins and databases, contact us by email:


More about the solution – Solutions for the organization of "RAM power" distribution systems