New Product - solar invertors EOS


We have launched a new product - EOS solar inverters. The new product allows you to use solar energy for electricity supply at any time of the day. This solution uses the latest software for managing electricity during the day, which allows you to reduce the power consumption from the network/generator. The EOS solution is compact, has a long uninterrupted operation period (up to 20 years) and is easy to use.

You can get familiar with the range of EOS solar inverters on the website in the catalog at the link:

or by downloading the brochure:

The name EOS stands for "Energy Omni System". And at the same time, EOS is the name of the goddess of the dawn.

The EOS line is represented by single-phase and three-phase solutions with a capacity from 3 to 18 kW and a set of batteries from 4.8 to 24 kWh. This allows applying them on any sites. In addition, it is possible to use EOS inverters as charging for electric vehicles – for this you will need to connect certified wallbox sockets to them.

Inverters can be operated from several independent energy sources (PV panels, network, generator). The integrated control system makes it possible to use EOS solar inverters even in the dark: for this purpose, the system monitors the appearance of excess energy and accumulates them so that they can be used later. A special cooling system allows placing the inverters close to the wall, so they do occupy much space.

You can ask any questions about the new product while visiting the RENWEX 2021 exhibition "Renewable Energy and Electric Transport" on June 22-24, as well as by writing to The exhibition will be held in Moscow at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, in Pavilion No. 3. DKC products will be presented at the stand 3D50.