Same Price – Better Quality!


We have improved the design of double-walled pipe plugs. Now the internal contour of the accessory provides a tighter fitting of the plug to the pipe, protecting it from dust and dirt. The design of the punching hole has also changed.

The plugs of the previous design will be delivered until the end of the warehouse balances. This will be followed by the delivery of accessories in a new design. At the same time our clients will be able to order new models at the same price and the same codes as before.

The plugs are designed to protect the free ends of flexible and rigid drainage corrugated tubes from moisture and dirt.

Main characteristics:

·       material - UV-resistant polyethylene;

·       mounting temperature from -25°C to+90°C;

·       operating temperature from -40°C to +90 °C;

·       Degree of dust and moisture protection - IP40 without seal ring and IP55 with seal ring.

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