Solid-cast cabinets made of fiberglass


The range of cabinets made of fiberglass has been replenished with new products – solid-cast wall-mounted cabinets have appeared in the line. Caps made using this technology have a higher degree of dust and moisture protection and a lower cost. At the same time, all the advantages of fiberglass are realized in the new models: absolute corrosion resistance, high resistance to any chemical influences, relatively light weight, radio, GSM, Wi-Fi transparency, electrical and fire safety.

You can find new models on our website:

Advantages of solid-cast fiberglass cabinets:

  • Degree of dust and moisture protection IP66;
  • Impact resistance IK10;
  • Possibility of application in the climate category "moderately cold" Type "1";
  • Static load up to 100 kg;
  • The flat door provides the possibility of installing controls and alarms;
  • The rain visor and the slope of the roof reliably prevent precipitation, dust and dirt from getting inside.
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