Days of DKC Seminars

Days of DKCare the seminars destined for distributors and design and installation companies in different regions. During these seminars all the DKC products are studied in details. For more information on venues and dates, please contact our Moscow office.

Off-site Training

Along with the great number of courses organized on the basis of the Training Center of DKC, our managers are ready to hold the off-site trainings on DKC products in your company.

Training Center in Moscow

During the seminars in the Moscow office our trainers and product managers will give you detailed information on every DKC product.

Along with the great number of courses organized on the basis of the DKC Training Center in Tver, our managers are ready to hold seminars on DKC products in our office in Moscow.

The seminars are held in the Moscow office in ChetvertayaulitsaVos’mogo Marta, 6a-1.

After the course you will getaCertificate of Completion of Training.

Training Center in Tver

The training center in Tver offers an effective training by DKC specialists. The singularity of theseminars is based on the right combination of theoretical and practical lessons, as well as detailed excursions about the plant.

The training center offers lecture and demonstration rooms as well as a training workshop where each trainee can gain the practical experience trying different cable systems of DKC.

In the arsenal of the training center there is a number of programs focused both on the basic course for trainees and on their activity.

In the frame of professional advancement of sales managers special sales training is foreseen.

Training Center in Novosibirsk

The training center of DKC branch in Novosibirsk offers seminars and trainings for specialists of electrotechnical companies (first of all for DKC distributors), of design organizations and installation companies, for students of specialized secondary and high educational institutions, purchasing specialists, power engineers and also almost for all who want to get acquainted with our products in details.

Seminars and trainings are held by specialists of the Novosibirsk office as well as by the staff of the Moscow office and the DKC Training Center in Tver.
Programs of seminars and duration of training depend absolutely on the wishes of students. To get an individual seminar program for your specialists you need only to answerthe questionnaire. The terms of training are also discussed individually. We offer you seminars concerning all kinds of our products (general overview) or certain systems (advanced study) as well asa practical part (installation with your own hands in a workshop). Depending on the chosen program it can take us from 2 hours to 2-3 days. Those who have passed the theoretical training concerning all kinds of DKC productswill get the appropriate certificate. 

The trainees can be taken to the training center in Novosibirsk by a “Gazel” from your office or meeting place agreed upon previously (for instance, metro station). Each participant will receive a new catalog of DKC products. The seminar program includes an excursion about the office and warehouse complex in order to make you sure that all necessary products are available in Novosibirsk warehouse.

If you want and feel ready to train your staff in our training center, we suggest you getting acquaintance with the questionnaire and checking those products that you would like to observe and that are more interesting for you. You can also make some comments, suggestions and additions. On the basis of the information received we will offer you an appropriate training program.