Kursk Nuclear Power Plant

City: Kurchatov Industry: Fuel energy complex Year: 2018
Project Description

A member of the POWER LEAGUE club (OAO VNIIR, Cheboksary) carried out the supply of power cabinets based on the solutions of the "RAM mcc" series.

The system is designed in conjunction with "RAM power" with rated current up to 2500A and will be involved in electric motors control of the Kursk NPP compressor stations.

The internal separation of power cabinets is sectioned according to 3b form and corresponds to IP XX B. The functional unit with the distribution busbar system in each section is separated from the other functional units, which in turn are also separated from each other.

For all questions related to the application of "RAM power" and "RAM mcc" solutions contact your regional representatives of low-voltage equipment.