Solar Stations of the Hevel Company in the Saratov region and Altai

Industry: Fuel energy complex Year: 2018
Project Description

DKC company  took part in the organization of a unique DC network monitoring system for the SEGS of the HEVEL SOLAR  group of companies - the largest domestic manufacturer of solar batteries.

Nine SEGS of the Saratov region and the Altai Territory are equipped with  customized metal wall enclosures of ST series. These are Funtovskaya, Akhtubinskaya, Orlovgayskaya, Novouzenskaya, Mayminskaya, Grigorievskaya, Chkalovskaya, Elshanskaya and Ininskaya solar electric generating stations. On the base of wall enclosures the switching cabinets of direct current (SCDC) are assembled, the active complex of monitoring and control is executed on the basis of a unique monitoring and control system (MCS).

The developer, customer and assembler of automation cabinets for a large project was a partner of  DKC company  - LLC "Plant of Innovative Technologies" ( OOO "Zavod innovatsionnykh tekhnology" - OOO "ZIT"). According to the drawings provided by OOO "ZIT", DKC specialists produced unique enclosures based on the standard ST series with the help of the newest laser station. Special holes were prepared on the front, side and end surfaces of the enclosure to connect all the necessary active equipment. Due to this, as well as to the direct delivery from DKC warehouse to the customer, it was possible to ship CSDCs to the facilities in the shortest possible time. Products used

Equipment for automation, Metal enclosures - "RAMblock"