Precast floor cabinet CQCE to install a PC, 1600 x 600 x 800 mm

Code: R5CQEC1668
Color gray
Material Steel
Length, mm 1600
Width, mm 600
Ingress Protection rating, IP 55
Depth, mm 800
Material Steel
Type of surface With powder coating
Colour Grey
Model Other
Height, mm 1600
Width, mm 600
Depth, mm 800
Demountable Yes
Degree of protection (IP) IP55
Number of doors 3
Number of height units 1
With socket No
Mounting level Front side
Type of profile rail None
With roof plate Yes
With earthing No
With front door Yes
With backside door Yes
With sidewall Yes
Modular spacing Other
Type of ventilation Passive
Limit switch, 220V
Code: R5MC01
Diode lamp 6 W, 220 V
Code: R5LA03
Cage nut М6
Code: CM230600
Cage nut М8
Code: CM230800
Isolation tube
Code: R5BSEV02
Metal type key FIAT
Code: R5CE237
No name
Code: R5MAG01N
No name
Code: R5ZE681SY
Diode lamp 10 W, 220 V
Code: R5LA06
No name
Code: R5BSFVL3
No name
Code: R5BSFVL4
No name
No name
No name
Code: R5EP01