DKC Company announced mass production of the black IT enclosures (RAL 9005), which production is fully localized in Russia.

Wall hanging IT enclosures are designed for reliable security of IT equipment in the systems. Their main function is the placement and the protection of different IT-units, network switches, patch-panels, servers, disk arrays and various accessories from environmental influence.

The following advantages of using DKC floor-mounted enclosures can be highlighted:

  • load carrying capacity of 1500 kg;
  • 19”depth adjustable rails for mounting 19” equipment;
  • level of dust and moisture protection from IP 20 (for enclosures with perforated doors) to IP 54 (for enclosures with glass doors).

Delivery set: vertical supports, side panels, a front door, a rear door, equipped with four 19 ”rails, doors with twist key locks with a cylinder. The set includes all the necessary elements and plugs, an assembly manual.

Regarding questions about order placing you can contact the Client Relations Department at DKC Tver or DKC Novosibirsk, and for advice and explanations on the range of products contact your regional representative or product manager.