DKC Company has stopped the production of the bases of R5ZE series which were used for floor enclosures of RAM block, RAM power, RAM mcc, RAM telecom groups. The analogue of the outdated version is the previously announced improved base which consists of separate supporting elements - corners and flanges. The reasons for the development of a new base are the requirements for increasing the withstanding load, ease of installation and transportation.

Please note that the assembly base is universal and can be used in RAM block, RAM power, RAM mcc, RAM telecom systems.
The information about the new base has been added to the current editions of the catalogues of the specified product groups as well as to the online configurator in which it is possible to select the necessary elements of the new base according to the existing old codes. Configurator can be downloaded from the link.

The Main Advantages of the Universal Base:

  • Reliable fixing
  • Fastening of the base is carried out directly to the three-field crop rotation
  • High bearing capacity
  • All-welded corner elements are made of 2.5 mm thick galvanized steel
  • Convenience of transportation
  • Plastic end-caps provide an access for the fixing to the floor or transport pallet
  • Universality of flanges
  • Base flange units can be installed both in width and in depth of the enclosure

For consultations and explanations on products you can contact the technical support service or regional representatives in your city.