DKC announced the start of sales of new UPS models

The range of the Small Convert series have been expanded - new models with a capacity of 2 kVA and 3 kVA with built-in batteries SMALLC2A10I and SMALLC3A10I have been added. New models belong to the category of devices with double conversion (On-Line) - this technology provides the consumer device with high-quality continuous power supply when switching from the main power mode to the autonomous one.

The new UPS have six IEC C13 connectors, RJ45 connectors for connecting and protecting the telephone line, as well as a communication USB connector. Optionally, a dry contact board or SNMP adapter for remote monitoring can also be installed in the UPS.

New solutions are compact in size, they occupy 3U in height in a 19 inch cabinet. At the same time, they provide autonomous operation for 5 minutes at a load equal to 100% of the nominal load. Previously such characteristics were provided by solutions of bigger sizes such as UPS SMALLC2EXTI, SMALLC3EXTI which occupied 4U and consisting of UPS without batteries and battery blocks.

UPSs of Small Convert series are designed for use in such areas as:

  • IT-sphere (power supply of computers, personal workstations, network equipment, server and data centers);
  • Industrial sphere (power supply of industrial machines, industrial controllers, boilers and boiler equipment);
  • Other areas (power supply for security systems, emergency lighting, etc.).

All devices of this series are maintained in stock in sufficient quantity to order.

You can contact the DKC distributors for questions concerning the order placing, and the regional DKC.