DKC expands the range of halogen-free solutions - the production of a halogen-free electric pipe was started

The electric pipe is a flexible corrugated pipe of the Octopus series with a cable inside. This solution reduces the time and effort required for installation.

Neither the pipe, nor the cable of the DKC electric pipes contain halogens -it means that the material does not emit toxic substances when burning. The HF electric pipe is used for wiring in internal electrical installations, in buildings and structures with a with a large number of people, including multifunctional high-rise buildings: shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, cafes, sports facilities, underground parking, etc.

The pipe meets the requirements of GOST R IEC 61386.1-2014 and fire safety requirements (according to Federal Law No. 123, GOST R 53313-2009), the cable complies with fire safety requirements according to GOST 53315-2009. On the basis of HF electric pipes, together with a cable ППГнг(А)-FRHF, fire-resistant cable lines can be constructed according to GOST 53316-2009.

HF electric pipe specifications

  • Installation temperature from –15 to + 90 ° С;
  • Operating temperature from –15 to + 90 ° С;
  • Pipe strength (compressive strength at 20 ° С) - over 125 H;
  • Impact strength of the pipe at –15 ° С: not less than 0.5 J;
  • The color of the pipe is white;
  • Tensile strength of the pipe - not less than 200 H;
  • Coil length - 50 m;
  • Survival of cable line under fire conditions - 90 min.

If you have questions about order placement for products, you can contact the customer service department of DKC Tver, and if you need advice and explanations on the product range, please contact your regional representative.