Among the new products there are ventilation grids and 230 V fans with a grid and a filter. In the near future the voltage range will be expanded for 24 V and 115 V.

As the main material for manufacturing of ventilation grids ABS plastic is used which has such qualities as UV resistance and a wide range of operating temperatures: from -40 to +70 ° C which allows to use the products for outdoor installation.

The degree of dust and moisture protection grids is IP54. This indicator is achieved due to the double-sided application of an elastomer as a sealant, as well as the use of a filter made of polyolefin fibers which has a G3 purification rate (particle filtration> 5 microns).

It is possible to get acquainted in more detail with the new "RAM klima" series of the Russian production on our website in the "Production" section.