DKC company announced the launch of the RAM cube V 2.0 program for designing solutions on "RAM power" base

DKC company announced the launch of a new software product for designing low-voltage complete devices (NKU) based on "RAM power". DKC company has integrated advanced technologies into the product that were not previously used in such programs.

While using this software, the user will not need to ask for additional reference materials to design distribution enclosures. RAM cube V 2.0 allows you to design ASSEMBLIES with a sectioning degree of  up to 4b. The process of enclosures construction in the program is very fast, because all design steps are as automated as possible.

Caution! If the RAM cube V 1.0 program (a set of analytical units) was previously installed on your computer, please, read the instructions for installing the application correctly and working with it.

Questions and suggestions on the program running are accepted by e-mail

You can download the program absolutely free here.

The installation instructions can be found at the link.