DKC has officially announced the start of the sales of new "RAM mcc" solutions for motor control centres. The product is designed taking into account the requirements of modern automated production, where even the shortest stop of the technological process entails huge losses.

Among the main criteria that were used by DKC engineers in the design of "RAM mcc" is the presence of drawout units in a series of universal enclosures of maximum capacity. At the same time, each element of the drawout type must contain a fully configured necessary power supply circuit and consumer control. As a result of the implementation of the specified parameters,  "RAM mcc" solutions became the most competitive among similar Russian systems due to the completely  modular construction of the drawout unit.

Among the main characteristics of the product that determine the choice of a particular solution, one should also highlight the following qualitative features of "RAM mcc":

  • single construction (CQE enclosure);
  • rated current of the main bus up to 6300 Amperes;
  • rated  current of the block up to 630 Amps;
  • guaranteed degree of system sectioning up to 4b;
  • possibility of realization of one- and two-sided maintenance of LVE;
  • the solution successfully passed the seismic test;
  • "RAM power" single platform is the solution for  system of electric power distribution for currents up to 6300 Amperes;
  • The product is available for the "POWER league" partners of the 3rd level.

To configure "RAM mcc" solutions, specialized software is prepared, the partner version is available by the link - "RAM mcc" CONFIGURATOR

More information on the technical specifications, dimensions and recommendations for the assembly of structural elements can be found on the pages of the updated catalog on "Solutions for power distribution systems".

All additional questions can be addressed to DKC representatives in your region.