Lighting Control with No Effort!


When organizing lighting in large apartments or private residences, it is necessary, first of all, to be guided by the principle of convenience: so that the control of one lighting device could be carried out from two or more places. For this purpose, DKС company recommends to use alternate switches or pulse relays of the Avanti modular product line.

Installation of switches is a simpler and more reliable way to solve such a problem, since it can be easily done on your own and no complex automation components will be affected. In this case, DKC wiring accessories from the Avanti design series will be well suited for control.

Pulse relays should be selected if it is necessary to control a whole system of lighting fixtures, and to avoid the network congestion. Installation of the relay is more complicated and requires direct connection to the distribution panel. But one of the important advantages is that multiple control buttons located up to several hundred meters from the relay can be further connected to it.