HF Duct Appeared in the Quadro Group


We are expanding our range of halogen-free products made by DKC

New Halogen free perforated duct is already available for order. Plastic, which contains halogen, can emit toxic substances by inflammation and they can harm human health. Therefore, it is necessary to use only halogen-free plastic for laying communications in closed spaces with a large number of people (shopping and entertainment centers, airports and train stations, educational and medical institutions).

The DKC new perforated duct is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic, which does not contain halogen, also does not spread combustion and does not emit toxic substances or smoke that damage the operation of electronics and mechanisms.

The benefits of the HF perforated duct are:

  • High degree of self-extinguishing in accordance with UL94 (V-0) standard;

  • Resistance to abnormal heat and fire;

  • High bearing capacity due to stiffening ribs;

  • Light-weight design (20% lighter than standard design);

  • Environmental safety in accordance with the RoHS standard;

  • Possibility to use in crowded places.

The perforated duct has a clever design. The absence of burrs and the rounded inner edges of the duct protect the installers from injuries and the wires from damage. The notches make it easy to remove the cogs for joining the sections and cable-laying. The cover is securely fixed and does not slip influenced by vibration or gravity - when placed vertically.

If you have questions about the order placement, you can contact the customer service department of DKC Tver or DKC Novosibirsk, and if you need advice and explanations on the product range, information about special offers, please contact your regional representative