New DKC Product – Terminal Blocks with Push-in Technology


The "Quadro" product group was widened with new terminal blocks with Push-in technology. They are used for reliable and safe installation of conductors which do not require the use of tools.

A clean-scraped monoconductor or polyconductor in the ferrule can be connected using it to simply push on the spring in the mounting hole. A screwdriver is necessary only for conductor disassembling in order to release the contact spring.

Advantages of the new terminal blocks:

• Simple and quick connection of conductors;

• Compact size of terminals;

• No need in service maintenance due to the lack of screws;

• High resistance to vibration allows their use in the railway and mining industries, as well as in zones of seismic activity;

• Possibility of use in hazardous areas;

• Built-in protection against accidental contact with current-carrying parts.

Push-in terminal blocks can be operated at temperatures from -60 to + 130 ° C. They have a cross section from 0.2 to 6 mm². The assortment of DKC includes one-, two- and three-tier terminals with two installation points of internal plug-in connecting strips. An important feature of the new product is that when using terminal conductors with Push-in technology, it is not necessary to use a ferrule for a single-core conductor.