Eastern Economic Forum – 2019


Eastern Economic Forum – 2019 was held on 4-6 September 2019 in Vladivostok, on the campus of far Eastern Federal University (FEFU)

The far East is a dynamically developing region, where only in the last 5 years there have been created more than 230 new businesses. Nowadays the rate of growth in the Far East is 4% per year, on average 2 times higher than those for other regions. In the future this figure should increase to 6%. The Eastern Economic Forum clearly demonstrates the interest in the region from Eastern and European countries. In 2019 it was attended by more than 8,500 delegates representing 65 countries. The most numerous delegations were sent to countries such as India, China, Japan, North and South Korea.

Eastern Economic Forum – a platform for open dialogue between government and business, scientists and experts, demographers and sociologists. During the forum more than 100 events on topical international and regional issues, including round tables and discussions, were held. The forum participants are convinced that the remoteness of the region from the Old world is an advantage, as it can act as a bridge between Europe and Asia.

Among the important topics that were discussed in the framework of business dialogue is a shortage of workers. How to develop the region in terms of the minor labour market that we have today, how to apply the techniques of automation in the context of limited resources? On these and other issues there are already a number of ready-made solutions, successfully implemented in large international companies, including DKC.

General Director of DKC Dmitry Kolpashnikov in his speech mentioned the impact of the economic agenda on growth of companies, in particular, he told how the market conditions in different periods determined the vector of development of the company towards digital conversion. Today, he said, DKC has many automated processes that can be executed without the participation of people.

"Currently our company is managed by a fully digital way. Our buyer can submit a request for our equipment through DKC distributors without any help from man. Also our portal can be used to make a purchase, it sends the order to our production software - the IRP system. Now, thanks to this software we control the entire production, beginning from planning the right amount of material, finishing with delivery of products to the warehouse of the partners and then directly to the client. And as you can see, there is no need to use any third side".

According to Dmitry Kolpashnikov, the foundation of the DKC factory in Novosibirsk is a striking example of the company’s digital transformation.

"Currently, our production in Novosibirsk (including warehouses) is operated by only 39 people who control all the processes. From Novosibirsk we supply products to Kazakhstan, the Urals and Siberia. So, last year, we shipped products on the amount of about 1.6 billion rubles," – shared with colleagues Dmitry Kolpashnikov.

The General Director of DKC notes that the company is not going to stop and intends to continue developing in this direction, opening new production facilities, including in Vladivostok.

"I think it is time to grow up to the Far East. By the way, we have already started working in this direction, and I hope that in the next two years we will build here our production facility. I'm sure it will be the most innovative plant in the electrical field with a high level of automation," – added in conclusion Dmitry Kolpashnikov.

Watch the broadcast of the business dialogue "Russia-Europe" following the link.