Modular cable manholes of a larger size


Now there are even more variants of cable manholes in the DKC range! For example, modular cable manholes are now available in larger sizes. When laying a cable duct using modular cable manholes, installers may have the following tasks:

  • A bend or branch of a cable line;
  • Cable joint;
  • Placing additional equipment and storing cable stock.

These tasks are not always possible with standard sized manholes. However, the larger modular manholes can accommodate all the necessary equipment! The 1500x750x1125 mm and 1500x750x1500 mm modular manholes are now available for DKC customers.

All sizes of modular manholes are also available as non-combustible. These manholes are recommended for projects which require that the entire system for cable laying should be made of PV-0 materials.

Manhole covers have a high load-bearing capacity up to 1.5 tons and a drainage bottom ensures efficient drainage of groundwater. All manholes are collapsible, which makes transportation, assembly and installation easy. Due to the low weight the manholes can be assembled without special equipment.

Manholes complete the range of DKC double wall pipes, which have a significant share in the market of power and low current cable laying in urban and industrial infrastructure facilities due to large production capacity, wide distribution network and own stocks. Learn more about double wall pipes and laying a cable duct by following this link.

To place an order, please contact Customer Service Department (DKC Tver or DKC Novosibirsk), and for consultations and detailed explanations on technical characteristics of products - Technical Support Service by toll-free phone number 8 (800) 250-52-63 or regional representatives of DKC in your city. You can find contacts of our regional representatives in the Contacts section of our website.

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