Corrosion Protection – Three Times More Reliable!


There is a new product available for sale now within Cosmec product line – a rigid tube with zinc flake coating. Zinc flake coating provides more effective barrier and cathodic protection against corrosion in comparison with hot dip galvanizing. With the same thickness of a protection layer zinc flake coatings guarantee better resistance to rusting than a standard hot dip galvanizing coating (on average – up to 3 times).

You can learn more about the full range of rigid tubes with zinc flake coating here.

"Cosmec" rigid tubes with zinc flake coating is characterized by durability in highly aggressive environments and may be found in climatic zones with high humidity, a high level of pollution and low temperatures.


  • Produced in accordance with CEI EN 61386-1, EN 61386-23, EN 60423;
  • Climatic category due to GOST 15150-69: N1, F1, NF1, NF5, UM1, T1;
  • IP rating: IP66/67 due to GOST 14254-96 (IEC 529-89);
  • Maintenance: from –60 to +150°С;
  • Robustness (compressive strength at 20 °С): more than 4000 N/5 cm*;
  • Bursting strength: not less than 1000 N;
  • Impact strength at  –25 °С: not less than 20 J;
  • EMI shielding 30–230 MHz level 2, (min. weakening 50 dB) due to IEC 61587.

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