Vertical supports and new types of cable trays have been added to the EPLAN database


DKC has updated the database for the EPLAN software.

The update contains:

  • I5 Combitech system of stainless steel trays;
  • B5 Combitech suspension systems and M5 Combitech fasteners for all types of cable trays;
  • All cable trays are available in the EPLAN FieldSys module;
  • Highly detailed content of these components for the preparation of reports of any complexity.

You can download the updated database at the link.

We have prepared instructions for those who are installing the database for the first time

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Now the DKC CAD EPLAN database includes the products of the following series:

S5 Combitech sheet trays, F5 Combitech wire-mesh trays, L5 Combitech ladder trays, U5 Combitech heavy trays, I5 Combitech stainless steel trays, G5 Combitech fiberglass trays, B5 Combitech mounting elements and suspensions, M5 Combitech hardware and fasteners.

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