Stadium "Rostov-Arena"

Municipal property

The new stadium Rostov-Arena in Rostov-on-Don is one of the twelve arenas that were built or reconstructed for the FIFA World Cup 2018. It stands out from the other stadiums for its original architectural solution - the northern tribune is open and it overlooks the Don River. Also, a distinctive feature of Rostov-Arena is modern media facade, made along the whole perimeter of the structure.

More than 20 three-phase UPSs of Trio and Extra series with a total capacity of 1.6 MVA were delivered to the stadium. Industrial uninterruptible power supplies are made using modern transformerless technology based on IGBT-transistors. The devices work on the principle of double conversion, that guaranteed uninterrupted power supply for the most important stadium systems during the whole tournament, such as: sports lighting system of the field, emergency lighting system, IT infrastructure, security and video control systems and many others.